Visual Management Systems provides complete solutions including engineering services, software and hardware to integrate the world’s largest and most complex physical security systems

Our bespoke PSIM solutions integrate customers' legacy and new security systems to provide resilient situation awareness: network connectivity and integration, configuration management of subsystems from a single interface, programmable logic to automate incident response, geospatial visualisation and mapping, workflow management, resilience and disaster recovery, and audit and reporting functions. Our solutions deliver substantial business benefits in a range of sectors including increased safety, security, responsiveness and resilience as well as cashable savings and operational efficiencies.

  • Ports and Airports

    Ports and Airports

    Titan Vision situation awareness software integrates multiple physical security systems at ports and airports in the UK and overseas.

  • Energy


    We have several long term customers in the oil industry in the UK and Middle East. Titan Vision PSIM Software protects assets in the UK nuclear energy and utilities sectors. 

  • People Counting

    People Counting

    The most flexible and detailed people-counting solution available, Abacus delivers top and bottom line benefits.

Complete, effective, bespoke PSIM solutions.

IP CCTV Software

Titan Vision

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"I would describe the relationship between VMS and AEM as one of a team, where we were able to discuss the problems openly and come up with a solution."

Gordon McDowell, AEM